Covid-19 and propelled us into the future world of work. How do we prepare for future skills and capabilities?
For visiting delegations, global leadership, policy makers – what can you learn from the Startup Nation?
This talk covers the trends unbundling work, redefining why we work, what work is, the new possibilities for workers, jobs, careers and even the physical work place. Throughout this talk we will understand the implications for people and careers, organizations as well as broader education and society
Changes in the world of work affect many processes in the organization ● In this workshop we will bring the future to your reality
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קצת ממה שמספרים עלינו…

Daniela Ilan
VP of HR, Red

Thank you very much for the fascinating lecture you gave as part of an executive meeting. Your talk generated a thoughtful conversation on the right topics.

Yafa Polenikoviat
Business Leadership Development, Bank Leumi

Nirit led an engaging, thought provoking and actionable, practical and effective career workshop, focused on tools and learning experience. Participants’ satisfaction with the activity in general and the instructor in particular was excellent.

Amit Oberkoviz

Nirit keynote for challenged our top 100 senior management. Nirit brings with her a very broad experience, which is evident in the content of her lecture and she connects between the circles of global-national-organizational change and the realities and challenges of the specific organization.

Major General Aviv Kohavi
Deputy Chief of Staff

Thank you for your significant contribution to the people development process at the IDF.

Michal Inbal-Yaakobson
VP of HR, BDO Israel

I knew Nirit when I started to formulate a new strategic plan. The challenging questions she asked and the rich knowledge she brought with her helped me clarify and focus directions. Later Nirit contributed to the management’s connection to the program in a fascinating lecture on the trends and changes in the world of work. Nirit touched on the questions that concern us as managers and opened the mind to us in new directions.

Amit Atias
Training coordinator, Ashdod Port

Nirit’s keynote on the future world of work was engaging thought provoking. It helped management realize that the knowledge, professionalism and experience we have accumulated will not necessarily serve us in tomorrow’s world and we must take responsibility for the management of our careers. I highly recommend hearing this talk!

Ruty Akman
VP of HR, Alchem Medical

I met Nirit as I was working a new HR strategic plan for a new CEO. She helped me plan processes to support cultural changes in the organization. Strongly recommend.

Michal Yanai
Strategic planning, Toronto friendship

Nirit gave a keynote at a seminar on the changing work environment. She generated great interest among participants and spoke to content that added practical knowledge for the employees. It was evident that the preparation we held with Nirit reflected in the content and the presentation. I have never before met a speaker who adapted so perfectly to her audience.

Brigadier General Oded Basik
Commander of 162nd Armor Division

In recognition of the keynote you gave for the 162nd Armor Divisional Commanders

מתוך הבלוג

ברוכים הבאים אל עולם העבודה העתידי. השינויים כבר כאן, בין אם אנחנו אוהבים אותם ובין אם לאו
והשאלה היחידה איננה אם הם ישפיעו עלינו אלא מתי זה יקרה והאם נהיה מוכנים

With the appearance of advanced sensors in our environment, we are now able to better assess whether open space office layouts truly encourage collaboration and communication. The results might not surprise you: employees have created alternative boundaries between them and others. Future office space will probably be adjustable to changing needs.
The writing is already on the wall. Notice what is happening in the world of shopping, retail, stores, even malls. Let’s take cashiers as an example.
You can already see signs that organizational structures are shifting, the old moving on and something new asking to emerge. Around the world we see more and more examples for new ways of work coming together to address the limitations of the hierarchical organizational structures most of us work in.
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