Welcome to the Future of Work.

In her keynotes, Nirit Cohen encourages individuals, leaders and human resource professionals as well as education and policy makers to understand the transformations required at all levels. She is well known for her ability to paint a clear picture of how work is transforming and help her customers and audience see how these meet their reality and the actions they need to take at all level, careers, organizations and society.

The world around us is changing and we can feel it in our careers, in our organizations, as employees, entrepreneurs, managers, as parents, students, during transitions and even towards retirements.

What will work look like in this new world? How do we manage careers? 

Who is a worker? A manager? What is an organization?

How do we future-proof our careers, evolve our leadership, transform our organizations, learn and teach our children? Educate and train the future workforce?

Depending on the goals and needs, the workshops, content and scope can be adjusted. Examples:

The Coronavirus ushered in the Future of Work. In organizations, we now need to plan the months ahead and identify the most important elements of change for a Future Fit organization.
Customize for your needs 

People. Organizations. Institutions.

The changing world of work affects us in different areas of our lives. What is your focus today?
People & Careers: To engage employees and develop careers within organizations and at a personal level
Managers & Organizations: To prepare employees, processes, leadership and organizations for the future
Education & Public Policy: Everything that needs updating in education and public policy

People & Careers

Managers & Organizations

Education & Public Policy

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