Welcome to the Future of Work.

In her keynotes, Nirit Cohen encourages individuals, leaders and human resource professionals as well as education and policy makers to understand the transformations required at all levels. She is well known for her ability to paint a clear picture of how work is transforming and help her customers and audience see how these meet their reality and the actions they need to take at all level, careers, organizations and society.

The world around us is changing and we can feel it in our careers, in our organizations, as employees, entrepreneurs, managers, as parents, students, during transitions and even towards retirements.

What will work look like in this new world? How do we manage careers?

Who is a worker? A manager? What is an organization?

How do we future-proof our careers, evolve our leadership, transform our organizations, learn and teach our children? Educate and train the future workforce?

Depending on the goals and needs, the workshops, content and scope can be adjusted. Examples:

This talk covers the trends unbundling work, redefining why we work, what work is, the new possibilities for workers, jobs, careers and even the physical work place. Throughout this talk we will understand the implications for people and careers, organizations as well as broader education and society
The changes affecting the career life cycle are changing employee expectations from their managers and has broad implications on employee engagement and motivation. In this talk we will review the 10 tools most impactful today to engage and retain employees.
For visiting delegations, global leadership, policy makers – what can you learn from the Startup Nation?
In the new world of work, work is no longer a place we go to and is now something we do. Occupational stability no longer depends on our employer, but on our employability. In this talk, Nirit presents the new range of possibilities opened up by the changes and the new tools at our disposal to find and connect for work.
This talk explores the changes in the world of work from the perspective of Human Resource professional. We will explore how the role of HR has changed over the years and what characterizes the HR in the new era, including setting the conversation at the management table for a Future-Fit organization.
The changing world of work is challenging much of the social infrastructure we have created over the last few centuries to protect employees, workers, work. The need to understand how the new world of work should shape public policy and legislation is now even more urgent as courts are dealing with the new ecosystem based on old labor laws.
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