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Nirit Cohen:
Bridging Between the Future of Work and Reality

Future of Work pioneer and expert Nirit Cohen is an icon in her field.

Over the past decade, Nirit has been sharing her unique insights through her weekly column in prominent newspapers such as Globes and The Marker and her highly-regarded podcast “Hi-Tech in Traffic,” which is sponsored by Startup Nation Central and published by Calcalist.
With three decades of HR and M&A experience at Intel, including senior leadership roles and global responsibilities, Nirit has a proven track record in designing and implementing successful HR strategies that address current challenges and anticipate future trends. Her passion for exploring the intersection of the future, organizations, people, and systems has made her a sought-after speaker, consultant and thought leader in her field.
In her keynotes, Nirit Cohen inspires individuals, leaders, and HR professionals, as well as education and policy makers to understand the transformations required in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Known for her ability to clearly articulate the trends in the world of work, Nirit helps her audience see how these changes apply to their careers, organizations, and society, and provides practical insights into the actions they need to take.
Whether you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, or practical strategies, Nirit Cohen is the perfect speaker for your event.
Based on the goals and scope of your event, keynotes and workshops are customized to meet the needs and interests of your audience, including managers, HR professionals, and employees.

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Nirit Cohen

Nirit Cohen is an expert in the future of work, bridging the gap between emerging trends and practical solutions, providing valuable insights for careers, management, organizations, and broader societal systems.

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