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The Future of Work transforms Careers

For Organizations: 

The new world of work is changing career paths and these, in turn, transform the way employees engage with organizations. If your organization is focused on:

  • Becoming a Future-Fit organization with the right people in the right places with the right skills at the right time.
  • Encouraging managers to think about their careers and promote their understanding of their own career and development so that they are able to be the managers their people need.  
  • Sharing responsibility with employees for their employability including career development, lifelong learning, performance conversations, internal movement, career paths, redeployment and retirement.

For People: 

Careers need to be managed. Employability no longer stems from a profession or a job or even an employer. It depends on our ability to stay relevant in the job market and manage our careers through their accelerating cycles of learning, growth, performance and transitions. If you want to:  

  • Understand the new tools to navigate your career through the increasing pace of change. 
  • Grow your impact and influence through personal branding, networking and mastery of organizational politics 
  • Set personal goals and build a customizable implementation plan.


And for Career Consultants:

For consultants, human resources, the many nonprofits operating in the field, as well as for educators and civil service 

  • Explore how the changes in the world transform work and career paths
  • Evolve your role with new tools and updated thinking required for anyone supporting the transformation
  • Bring the changes back to the reality of your work and plan your strategy.

Consulting Services:

To ensure we have the right people in the right places with the right skills at the right time we have to re-imagine our People Strategy and identify the most critical processes for re-design, including:

  • Management development, coaching, mentoring, leadership and bench processes
  • Employee development and career paths, continuous learning, growth, reskilling and upskilling  
  • Career management and life cycle including performance, engagement, compensation & benefits and talent strategies. 

Keynotes and workshops for organizations:

Where the Future of Work meets Reality, Nirit’s Keynotes and Workshops help managers, leaders, employees and teams think through the implications of the changing world of work. Explore the realities and the required transformations in careers, management, people strategy and strategies for a Future-Fit organization. 

Depending on the objectives and scope of your event, Keynotes are tailor for your needs. Examples:

Workshop Examples: 

Changes in the world of work affect many processes in the organization ● In this workshop we will bring the future to your reality
When the need arises to bring managers new tools to support employee engagement and motivation ● When you want to support organizational processes that encourage transitions between roles and release barriers and objections
The tools of the New World will help employees and managers take responsibility and navigate their careers in the organization

Upcoming events with open registration:

להסתיר את החלק הזה – לבדוק שהליסטינג למטה לוקח מאנגלית.

The tools of the New World will help employees and managers take responsibility and navigate their careers in the organization
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A sample of talks in English

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Talents and Orgs in the #FutureOfWork with @NiritCohen

Tel Aviv University
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The future of careers

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The Future of Work


See what people are saying…

Yafa Polenikoviat
Business Leadership Development, Bank Leumi

Nirit led an engaging, thought provoking and actionable, practical and effective career workshop, focused on tools and learning experience. Participants’ satisfaction with the activity in general and the instructor in particular was excellent.

Tal Rave
Career Development Counselor, Young Jerusalem Center

Nirit’s workshop on personal branding and networking is great for anyone planning their next career steps and wanting to learn how to get there

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The column on the future world of work is also published in the Globes and examines what is changing and what can be done about it, each time from a different perspective

Over the next decade we will all be partners in creating and using new worlds, combining reality with what isn’t. It may not be very different from the stories told around a campfire, on walls, in books and in pictures and movies, but the way the boundaries will be blurred is not like anything we have ever known.
Welcome to the era of the curious leader, an era in which success is less related to the knowledge of the answers than to the ability to wonder out loud and the permission to ask questions. Curiosity encourages leaders to seek new ideas and approach problems in new ways to keep pace with change and lead organizations transforming into the new worlds. And when you ask the CEOs what are the most important traits for people in today’s organization, most of those cited are related to curiosity.
“Let’s hear synonyms for the word CHANGE” asked our guide during a tour in Jerusalem. We were discussing history, not work.
The writing is already on the wall. Notice what is happening in the world of shopping, retail, stores, even malls. Let’s take cashiers as an example.
There is a wonderful parallel between the capabilities required in the world of music and those emerging in the world of work. At a leadership conference I
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