Work Futures – the next decade

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Work is transforming, from where WO GO to what WE DO.
Everywhere is the new Location
Everything is the new Work
Everyone is the new Talent

As professions and industries intertwine, they demand a renewed depth and breadth of knowledge. Hierarchies are morphing into dynamic networks, and careers are no longer about ascending ladders but about forging individual paths forward, one step at a time. Tech advancements both challenge and expand our horizons, while simultaneously, people’s evolving expectations redefine what work means to them.

At its core, the drive to work is becoming increasingly intrinsic; your best people work not because they have to, not because you tell them to, not because you measure them on it. They work because they want to. Because in working for you they are doing what matters to them.

The imminent challenge for organizations is learning how to assign the right people to the right job, at the most opportune time and place, and for genuinely compelling reasons.

This keynote unravels the profound shifts reshaping the world of work. and empowers you to re-envision work in its new, boundaryless avatar, ensuring that you’re not just participants, but pioneers in this shifting landscape. By the end of the talk, you will be equipped with the insights and perspectives you need to design a future-fit organization that is ready for whatever the future holds – 

Know: The imminent shifts in the professional landscape, from how we define workplaces and roles to the reimagined trajectories of careers.
Think: Strategically about adapting People Strategies to harness these changes, fostering a dynamic work environment that aligns with future trends and ensures the attraction, development, and retention of top talent in a boundaryless ecosystem.
Do: Take proactive steps to reimagine People processes across the entire life cycle, ensuring they are in tune with the evolving demands and aspirations of the modern workforce and fully harness the opportunities created by the changing landscape of work.

Depending on the objectives and scope of your event, Keynotes are tailor for your needs. 

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Nirit Cohen

Nirit Cohen is an expert in the future of work, bridging the gap between emerging trends and practical solutions, providing valuable insights for careers, management, organizations, and broader societal systems.

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