Leadership in Transition – Management in the new world of work

In the new world of work managers are even more impactful than before, interacting with employees around what really matters.

Covid-19 created a new contract between the employee and the organization. We need new tools to engage, grow, build trust, even manage productivity, work and certainly people.

Many of the familiar tools are no longer enough to engage, motivate and retain.

In this highly popular talk, Nirit explores how management is transforming and moves on to the tools in the hand of managers to engage and motivate employees in this new world of work. Using many examples and research, this talk leaves managers with a new perspective on what they can do to make a difference starting tomorrow.

Depending on the objectives and scope of your event, Keynotes are tailor for your needs

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Nirit Cohen

Nirit leads an innovative conversation on the future of work and the strategies required to transform careers, organizations, management as well as broader economic and social systems such as education and civil service.

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The changing world of work affects us in different areas of our lives. What is your focus today?
People & Careers: To engage employees and develop careers within organizations and at a personal level
Managers & Organizations: To prepare employees, processes, leadership and organizations for the future
Education & Public Policy: Everything that needs updating in education and public policy

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