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Mass dismissal of workers on unpaid leave during the pandemic has led to an unexpected outcome: low-wage workers in the service industries are now unwilling to return to work and endure a patronizing attitude. They are fed up and putting employers on notice.
Your office is empty – even on the days employees are supposed to come in? Stop measuring their time at the office. New research from Cisco and MIT’s School of Management claims that hybrid work actually improves organizational culture – and that employees would rather earn less in exchange for more flexibility.
To create a shared story in the new world of work, it’s important to understand that the organizational experience is achieved at both the macro and micro levels, including everyday experiences. Although we cannot design every employee moment to our specifications, we can take actions to better shape them.
Both trust and work relationships take time to develop. Remote work impacts the way we communicate and makes it difficult to be seen. To cope with this challenge, we need to be especially professional, familiarize ourselves with cultural differences, and be – all while sharing the credit.

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