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Discover key strategies for balancing work and life during crises. Learn from global examples and explore innovative solutions for maintaining business continuity and personal wellbeing, while shaping a resilient and adaptive workforce for the future.
Explore the shift from traditional courses to building dynamic, collaborative relationships between employees and AI tools. Learn how this approach transforms AI from a mere tool to a trusted partner in the workplace, seamlessly integrating with daily tasks.
Unveil the transformative phases of modern work: from the Great Resignation through the Great Standoff to Quiet Quitting. Discover how these stages mark a paradigm shift in workplace norms and employee expectations, reshaping the future of employment.
From AI-assisted homework to family tech talks, dive into how parents and kids can harness the power of artificial intelligence, cultivating both digital skills and deeper emotional connections
Artificial intelligence is transforming professions, demanding individuals who can adeptly navigate complex contextual nuances, think creatively, demonstrate emotional intelligence, and make ethical decisions. These human abilities rely on the power of “intuition,” an exclusive capability inherent to humans.
Revolutionizing the conventional notion of work, emerging movements advocate for a more balanced and fulfilling life by challenging traditional work structures and embracing the integration of personal well-being and non-traditional forms of productivity.
In many countries, labor laws and employment safety nets are written in a way that defines workers as salaried-employees. This ignores the growing number of employees who work in the new world of work, in a multitude of new ways connecting between need and value. It is time to re-define labor safety nets.

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Managers & Organizations: Preparing Employees, Processes, Leadership, and Organizations for Tomorrow’s Workplace

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