Meet Nirit Cohen

HR Strategist. Thought leader, Blogger and Speaker for the Future of Work

Nirit leads an innovative conversation on the future of work and the strategies required to transform careers, organizations, management as well as broader economic and social systems such as education and civil service.

With over 25 years at Intel Corporation in Israel, EMEA, US and Global responsibilities, Nirit has extensive experience in Human Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions, HR Information Systems and Finance. Throughout her career, Nirit has partnered with managers and organizations in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. In various senior leadership positions, she has lead organizations in designing and managing leading strategies in support of current challenges as well as future trends across the entire employee life cycle.

In the past decade, in addition to her role as a senior HR Director at Intel Corporation, she has been passionately researching, writing, speaking and consulting on strategies for the Future of Work. Nirit led a number of Intel and Industry trendspotting and Future of Work conferences and has partnered on a number of Intel, academic and other publications.

Today, she is a recognized thought leader, popular speaker, and consultant on the future of work. She is known for her ability to paint a clear picture of how work is transforming and how this transformation impacts people & careers, organizations, management & employee engagement as well as the implications for broader systems, from education to labor laws and civil service. Her work ranges from consulting on policy for government agencies, working with leaders in educational institutions on transformation and lifelong learning, speaking at summits and in organizations on the multitude of ways the future meets reality in organizations and the changing roles of managers responsible for future-proofing their organizations and careers, working with HR to help them prepare their organizations for the new world of work, as well as guiding career and networking workshops using the tools of the new world of work.

Nirit writes a weekly column in the “Globes” financial paper, as well as an active blog with a large following.