Education & Public Policy

For education & public policy, it is not about the future, but about the present

For Education:

The young students in schools today will work in professions that for the most part do not yet exist, performing tasks that have yet to be defined and will need to learn basic knowledge that we don’t even know that we don’t know.  Consequently, we have no choice, but to redefine the knowledge and skills that schools provide in the formative years, to move away from learning for the sake of knowing, in favor of teaching how to learn in order to learn and transform. 

That is also true for vocational and higher education. As knowledge is continuously being revised and new tools are constantly emerging, we are eroding the basis of our professional knowledge. As a result, professions are changing, some disappearing while others are emerging. We can no longer assume that what we learn through our 20’s will define our professional identity and serve us for a lifetime employment. 

We will need to learn to learn, un-learn and re-learn throughout our lives. And for that, we must redefine education. 

For Public Policy:

The changing world of work is challenging much of the social infrastructure we have created over the last few centuries to protect employees, workers, work. The need to understand how the new world of work should shape public policy and legislation is now even more urgent as courts are dealing with the new ecosystem based on old labor laws.

Many of the world labor laws and public policies are struggling to reconcile between what was and what is emerging. It is probably time we team up to ask the right questions and help shape the world of work in a way that would support careers, organizations as well as society.

Consulting Services

In the public sphere, in government ministries and in the many public bodies working with the government, we are busy with the need to identify and act to create infrastructure tailored to the new world of work.

In many municipalities, we are busy adapting the system and services to the changing world in order to produce urban infrastructure that will make the city a competitive advantage for the people who live and work there.

In the social and third sectors, we see a great deal of work being done to promote and nurture populations and sectors and the infrastructure required for success in the New World.

Over 25 years I have accompanied managers, human resources and consultants, both individually and in dedicated work teams, to create and implement strategies in transformation processes across a wide range of areas of change and vision and future needs.

All the knowledge, expertise and experience I have gained, both in the corporate world, many years of working with the public sector, and from my deep and extensive knowledge of the changing world of work, I would be happy to provide you with personalized advice that will enable you to bring the future to reality. Practicals to lead change, a great deal of information from the world and support in creating strategies and processes to bring the future with the possible here and now.

Keynotes &  Workshops for Educators & Policymakers

For educators, universities, policymakers, employees and human resources teams, in front of a large audience or at a discussion table, Nirit works closely with the leading team and adjusts lectures for organization goals at conferences, management meetings, planning and strategy processes, and development events to stimulate discourse and thinking and understand the changes. And the way they meet our actions.

Nirit’s lectures are tailored specifically to your unique needs and illuminate the changes that are going on in our world while expanding our perspective on the field of activity including: implications for education management, education and learning, changes in employment and their implications for public policy, employment relations and retirement.

Nirit’s workshops extend every conversation in the field to enable participants to bring the changes to reality and move on. In innovative methodologies, Nirit takes each team through a process of opening up a space of opportunity, identifying barriers and opportunities and turning them into programs. 

Depending on the goals and needs, any Keynote or workshop can be adapted for content, focus and scope.

Depending on the objectives and scope of your event, Keynotes are tailor for your needs. Examples:

Customized workshops

Customized workshops

Nirit’s workshops extend every conversation in the field to enable participants to bring the changes to reality and move on.

In innovative methodologies, Nirit takes each team through a process of opening up a space of opportunity, identifying barriers and opportunities and turning them into programs.

Depending on the goals and needs, the workshops, content and scope can be adjusted.

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The Future of Work


See what people are saying…

Ayelet Kadosh
Civil Service Commission

The lecture was excellent and accurate and was widely praised by conference participants for raising points for thought.

Brigadier General Rami Malachi
Commander of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Unit, IDF

For your contribution to the IDF Unit for Telecommunications and Information Technology

Dr. Yaki Dayan
CEO, Adtech Israel

Nirit brings a professional and engaging perspective based on facts and exceptional experience. Nirit knows these worlds from so many angles – and makes them accessible in a professional and pleasant way. It’s doesn’t just “making sense” – but also inspires and engages.

Michelle Blum
Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce: Chief Executive Officer

We were fortunate to have Nirit present to our Australian delegation of senior executives. Nirit was an insightful and skilled presenter and provided valuable ideas for our group to consider in the Australian context.

Dan Brotman
Entrepreneur, Johannesburg, South Africa

Nirit effectively contextualizes the Israeli Human Capital experience. Her expertise is based on decades of industry experience, and she challenged our group of HR leaders to re-imagine what work could look like in South Africa.

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