Manage your career

When you need to inspire people to take responsibility for managing their own careers

When you want to support organizational processes that encourage lateral movement, learning & development, reskilling and upskilling.


The changes in the world of work are changing the course of careers, requiring us to take action.


Tailored to your needs, a 1-3 session workshop on career management. Explore the processes that affect our careers, understand how career management has changed in the new world of work, define personal goals, understand the need for networks and learn to assess and build our own, identify our personal brand, why we need it, how to know what it is and how to craft it using our networks, our online activities as well as organizational politics. 

How can I help? 

Nirit Cohen

Nirit leads an innovative conversation on the future of work and the strategies required to transform careers, organizations, management as well as broader economic and social systems such as education and civil service.

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People. Organizations. Institutions.

The changing world of work affects us in different areas of our lives. What is your focus today?
People & Careers: To engage employees and develop careers within organizations and at a personal level
Managers & Organizations: To prepare employees, processes, leadership and organizations for the future
Education & Public Policy: Everything that needs updating in education and public policy

People & Careers

Managers & Organizations

Education & Public Policy

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