Connected 24*7: Is Work-Life still relevant?

Covid completely changed the convesation on Work-Life. What have we learned and how will this shape our new normal?

We have been talking about Work-Life Balance for years. And since we never found a balance, we called it Work-Life effectiveness or Integration. Long before Covid we were already connected 24 * 7, which allowed some employees to be connected to work anytime, anywhere. On the one hand, it freed us from the need to stay in the office for long hours and allowed us to leave the office and complete meetings and work after family hours. But on the other hand discovered that the blurring boundaries causes us work more hours a day precisely because of the ability to connect from anywhere.

And then there were those who, before Covid, couldn’t work remotely and needed to juggle between traditional office hours and other necessities of life.

The social experiment we all just lived through has changed all of this. 

The Pandemic showed us a different kind of Work-Life Balance.

And starting with the Great Resignation, through the Great Return and Quiet Quitting, we see employees, both knowledge workers and low income, renegotiating what is acceptable in the workplace.

This talk can be tailored depending on your audience and objectives to fit employees, managers and HR. It can focus on workload and stress, managing productivity in a hybrid mode of work as well as management practices and policy.

Example of slides:

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Nirit Cohen

Nirit Cohen is an expert in the future of work, bridging the gap between emerging trends and practical solutions, providing valuable insights for careers, management, organizations, and broader societal systems.

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